Conference and Workshop


Conference and Workshop on Kitchen Gardening of Traditional Indian Vegetables and Fruits

American Association of Farmers of Indian Origin has organized a conference and workshop on cultivation of the traditional Indian vegetables and fruits.

The objective of this conference is to support the Indian community in this country, to motivate and help them cultivate vegetables and fruits of Indian origin.

  • The farmers from our community try to cultivate Indian crops type of crops. They are challenged with problems like improper nourishment of plants, climatic conditions and overall failure in kitchen gardening.
  • We are going troubleshoot these problems faced by our Indian community and train them to maintain proper nutrition/heath of plants to keep them safe from pests and diseases.


Demonstration and hands-on training meeting will be provided on cultivation of Indian fruits and vegetables in kitchen garden.

Agriculture science experts will guide you with the following aspects of proper cultivation of these fruits and vegetables:

  • Insect and disease management
  • Plant nutrition
  • Weed management
  • Organic production
  • Plant variety selection



How to register? :

Please follow the link below and sign up.

Conference registration