About Us


The vision of this association is to promote and enhance traditional Indian crops cultivation in the United States. To inspire our Indian community for cultivation of traditional Indian vegetables and fruits, entailing boost in agricultural business in these lands.




Our mission is to:

  • To improve access of youth, farmers and consumers of natural resources to relevant knowledge about cultivation of Indian crops in the US.
  • Help encourage business in various agricultural fields and plant more Indian crops in United States.
  • To literate people with the new farming techniques.
  • Develop training programs to encourage people to grow Asian vegetables.
  • Last but not the least, to bring all the Indian farmers together to create a positive attitude towards these objectives and to promote them.

This can be done through networks, partnerships, appropriate information and communication technologies and feedback mechanisms which this organization provides.





  • Integrity Our commitment is to act in an ethical, disciplined and honest manner.
  • Accountability Our commitment is measuring, achieving and reporting results, along with efficient utilization of resources.
  • Community We honor our commitments, anticipate the needs of our members, serve our communities and support each other.
  • Innovation Our investment in cutting-edge thinking and latest technology will invent and deliver solutions that create tangible value for our members.
  • Quality Our focus is on the people we serve and strive for excellence through evaluation and continuous improvement.
  • Passion To inspire, connect and enable innovative leaders across our community, to create a dynamic and resilient global community.